WebMail Spam

How to Setup

Here is the information you will need:

  • Your email address. (eg. myusername@mycompany.com)
  • Your password. (this should have been given to you by your email admin or us).
Open your Web browser

This will involve simply opening your web browser of choice. The most common are Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. Navigate to "http://mail.yourdomain.com" replacing yourdomain.com with your domain name.

To login, enter your email address and your password.

Marking Emails as Spam or Not Spam

Click on an email to highlight it.
To mark and email as Spam or Not Spam:c
Click on the Thumbs Down icon
Or click on more and select This is Spam or This is Not Spam from the drop-down menu.

Article ID: 4, Created On: 4/26/2011, Modified: 5/22/2018