As you know whenever you send an email, it goes into your Outlook’s Outbox folder and wait there until you have an Internet connection. When you hit the Send and Receive button the email leaves your computer and it is sent.

HOWEVER, there are times when the email simply will not leave the Outbox and will not send. You try to delete it and you get some obscure email that you can not delete this as it is in the process of being sent.

So what do you do ?

Glad you asked -

1.Firstly, Open Outlook 2007, Click on File menu and Select Work Offline. This stops outlook from trying to send anything.

2. Open the Outbox folder  and now you can either simply Delete the message or you can drag the message out of the Outbox and drop it into your Drafts Folder (or any other folder).

3. Click on File and deselect Work Offline (this will now put Outlook into Online mode again to receive and send messages again)

4. If you moved your email to the Drafts folder, you will then need to go to that folder, open that email, and then press the Send button again.

This should take care of this email problem and your email should flow as normal once again !

Article ID: 38, Created On: 2/8/2012, Modified: 5/21/2018