Fix Outgoing Connection Errors - Microsoft Outlook Express

Fix Outgoing Connection Errors - Outlook Express

This tutorial will instruct you on how to configure Outlook Express to work with Internet Service Providers that do not allow connections on port 25.

The most common error this fixes is the relay error 550 5.7.1.

Step 1 - Open Outlook Express

Step 2 - Open Account Settings

Click on the Tools menu and choose Accounts

Step 3 - Modify Your Account

Select the Mail tab and click Properties

Step 4 - Modify Outgoing Mail Port

Select the Advanced tab and change the port number beside Outgoing mail (SMTP) from 25 to 2525

Click OK to save the changes, then close the Accounts window.

Article ID: 26, Created On: 6/15/2011, Modified: 6/15/2011