Microsoft Outlook Express Spam Filters

Outlook Express Spam Rules

Step 1 - Open Outlook Express

Open the Outlook Express program, you can usually find this by going to "Start" then "All Programs" and then Outlook Express. This may vary depending upon your versions of Microsoft Windows.


Step 2 - Open Message Rule

Click on the "Tools Menu" and choose "Message Rules" then choose "Mail."


Step 3 - Creating a New Rules
Choose "Where the Subject line contains specific words."

Step 4 - Select the Action for your rule.

Select the box labeled "Move it to the specified folder" option.


Step 5 - Enter your Rule Description.

In the Rule Description box click the blue text that says "contains specific words."


Step 6 - Type Specific Words

Under the Type specific words box enter "*** Spam ***" just as you see it here, with a space before and after the asterics (*). Then click "OK."


Step 7 - Specify the Correct Folder

Next click on the blue text that says "specified folder."


Click on "New Folder."


Then enter "Spam" as the folder name and click "OK."


Step 11 - Check Your Work

You have finished your set up. Test your work by clicking on the "Apply Now" button.


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