Mozilla Thunderbird Spam Filters

Mozilla Thunderbird Spam Rules

Step 1 - Enabling Junk Mail Settings

Select "Tools" then "Options" click on the tab labeled "Privacy."


Click on the tab that says "Junk" and make sure "When I mark messages as junk" is checked and "Move them to the account's "Junk" folder" are selected.

Step 2 - Configuration for Junk Mail

Click on "Tools" then "Account Settings" Click on "Junk Settings" under the correct email address. Make sure "Enable adaptive junk mail controls for this account" is selected. Also "Do not mark as junk if the sender is in:" should be checked.


Step 3 - Training the Junk Mail Controls

To train the junk-mail filtering, you need to mark messages that you've received as either "junk" or "not junk", and it's important that you mark both types of messages rather than just junk.


To do this click on the message, then click the button labeled "Junk." You can click this button until the message is correctly labeled (i.e. Junk or Not Junk). This will "train" the junk filter built into Thunderbird to automatically detect messages that may not be labeled as spam from Sitevision.

Step 4 - Creating a new Mail Filter

Click "Tools" and then "Message Filters."


Step 5 - Messaging Filters

Select the "New" button.


Then name the new filter "Junk Filter."


Fill in the rest of the information as you see above. Make sure you enter "*** Spam ***" just as you see it here, with a space before and after the asterics (*). Click "OK."

Step 6 - Finishing and Applying a new Rule

Select mailbox folder to run the scan on (the Inbox will be your default), then click "Run Now."


This will take any current messages fitting the criteria into the Junk folder you created.

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